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ADULTS available TO LOVING, Approved PET HOMES
All the dogs are crate trained and super happy :)
Perfect for grooming and love kids! 

Luna: 8/25/17:small mini poodle, 9 - 10 lbs, fun and silly. Has lots of energy.  Ready to go end of February. $400

Milo: mini poodle, 11 lbs, 5/16/22, cream $1500 for a pet to be neutered.

All adult dogs must to spayed and teeth cleaned at the same time. Must have heart-worm test to get meds and up- date rabies in your town, to get your dog licenses within 30 days.

All dogs are crate trained, not house trained. They are great for grooming and love kids. TEXT ME FOR PICTURES AND MORE INFORMATION: 413-205-6398

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