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Camic Cockapoo's

Mini Poodles
Cocker Spaniels

SINCE 1987

The Courchesne Family


Camic Farm is where it all started. My family and I did Pony Rides and Petting Zoo for 20 years. “CAMIC” what does it mean you ask, It is CAndy and MIChael combined. This is our business name. We put "Camic" name on all our registered puppies so people know where they came from.


     My husband Mike works in Plant City. Florida and works a lot of hours to take care of our family. I’m an all-breed dog groomer here at home. I am a stay at home mom to my kids, grandkids and my dogs.

     Our children are all grown up and living their own lives. Cory made us Grandparents for the first time with a gorgeous blue eyed girl Marley. Cory has his own logging company and has his CDL. Cory moved to Florida!

     Alan had our second Grand daughter Natalie and they moved to Florida as well. Alan bought his first house and we couldn’t be happier, he works at our local Staples.

     Laura and her husband Jason bought their second home in Florida. Laura and Jason had # 5 grand Daughter! Laura has her own photography business: it's called Laura Courtney Photography. She is a very talented. Pet photos are her passion. Book a session early with your furry family member.

     Ryan graduated High School and is the lifeguard supervisor at Legoland Florida. He went to Malaysia and Dubai to help open their Legoland Waterpark and train their employees. What an adventure! He bought his first home at 19 yrs old and lives four houses down from us. We are very excited to watch his career grow.

     Jasmine is a full time college student, a full time mom and works full time. Jasmine gave us the gift of #3, #4 and #6 grand daughters! Jasmine has plans of joining us in Fl. in the future..

     Our dogs are loved and cared for by my entire family :) When we go back and fourth to MA, our dogs are in the excellent care of our friend Seanna . THANK YOU Seanna!

     Our lives are blessed with wonderful dogs and sweet puppies.

Our dogs stay in our house. We have a sun room that our dogs have the run of. My grooming area is in our home. All our puppies are outgoing, happy, smart and silly. Our cockers, Poodles and Cockapoos are fun dogs that love to play, go in the car, swim, fetch the ball and just love to be with you no matter where you are. They are great in an apartment or a farm, they are versatile dogs, that are well socialized.

     Our pregnant moms stay in the house (in our dining room), and the puppies also stay in the house until they are ready to leave for their new homes. Puppies can be shipped anytime after 8 wks old for an additional fee.

     We ALWAYS look forward to seeing pictures of our babies all grown up and know how they are doing. So send me lots of pictures and updates!

We have plenty of references, just ask. 

Any questions you have we are available to you 24/7.

We give lifetime support!   


Candy and Mike


If you are just beginning your search for a new member of your family. PLEASE beware of people who don't want you to see the puppies parents. Or where their dogs live. That's a red flag.




We have a paid waiting list of $100 which is non-refundable.

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